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Meet the Herbalist

TouShay Farmacy came to life after a spiritual awakening and a battle with allergies. The owner and CEO took an enlightening journey through spirituality, in which she was lead to holistic living. This was a perfect segway into healing her infant son's re-occurring bout of allergies. After administering over-the-counter medications daily to no avail, TouShay took matters into her own hands and applied her knowledge of herbs to the situation. Once she saw the power to heal her own child, she knew it was time to share this research with others. TouShay has made it her life mission to spread the healing powers of herbs and living a more holistic lifestyle. 

Meet the Photographer

TouShay has been capturing life's precious moments for almost 10 years. She's done photography for weddings, families, professionals, as well as in a studio with a team. TouShay's primary love, however, has always been landscape photography. The beauty of nature is captivating and she savors all she can of it. She has also spent a lot of time traveling and Currently, TouShay offers headshots, product photography and stock images for purchase. 

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